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3 Quick Tests To Identify a Counterfeit Mask

Whether you are using a KN95 Respirator Mask or a Disposable 3-Ply Face Mask, you can quickly and easily find out if they are counterfeits by doing the following 3 tests:

  • Fire Test
  • Water Test
  • Breath Test

The most important fabric layer on these masks is the melt-blown layer.  The melt-blown layer is crafted by melting a plastic and then blowing it from either side at high velocity onto a rotating barrel.  This layer also happens to be the most expensive layer of the mask.  Counterfeit brands tend to skimp on this layer since this is the "hidden layer" that goes between the outer non-woven layers.

Fire Test:

First, use scissors to cut open the masks.  You can then view the different layers that make up the mask.  Take out the melt-blown layer (the thickest layer in the middle) and apply a lighter to the layer.  If a flame appears, this is a counterfeit.  A genuine melt-blown layer will not flame up.

Water Test:

Take out a new mask (don't cut it with scissors this time).  Simply dump water into the mask.  The melt-blown fabric of the mask should prevent any leakage of the mask.  If water leaks, it's counterfeit.

Breath Test:

While wearing a new mask, hold the lighter a few inches away from the mask.  If you can blow the flame out of the lighter, it is a counterfeit.  With the proper melt-blown fabric, you should not be able to blow out the flame.

Hopefully these 3 easy tips provide you with the know-how on how to spot a counterfeit mask.